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BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment is the most versatile coating on the market.


BEEDS creates a durable glass like membrane to provide extreme protection


Repels water from your paint like nothing you've ever seen​​


Helps keep your paint protected from swirls


Amazing candy-like gloss

BEEDS HD is the most versatile coating on the market, hands down. Because HD contains only the essential ingredients with no solvents or fillers it allows it to be used on multiple surfaces along with being one of the easiest coatings to apply.

BEEDS HD can be used on paint, glass, metal, wheels, plastic and rubber trim, metal, leather and even matte finishes! Protecting all surfaces for up to 3 years of durable protection. HD provides protection against harsh UV rays, harsh chemicals, hard water, bird droppings and even provides scratch resistance.

Not only will BEEDS HD protect your vehicle. But it will provide and amazing level of gloss, slickness and hydrophobic properties. Keeping your vehicle cleaner, longer, and making it much easier to clean.

Get the most versatile coating on the market and contact us today!

The BEEDS HD-X System is the ultimate in paint protection coatings. World renowned for its extreme gloss, protection and hydrophobic properties while staying one of the easiest and coatings to apply.

HD-X is a 2-step process with BEEDS HD as the first layer with superior resistance to chemical etching, scratches, UV rays and more. A top layer of BEEDS ELX takes the gloss and slickness to an unmatched level.  The BEEDS HD-X system provides long term paint protection with 5 year warranty.

Get the best coating system on the market and contact us today!

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